Xiong Chumo: Xiong Zin Guilai (Dub) Episode 1

Xiong Chumo: Xiong Zin Guilai (Dub)

Other Name: Xiong Chumo: Xiong Zin Guilai, Boonie Bears: The Big Top Secret, Boonie Bears III, 熊出没之熊心归来

Summary: A story of friends old and new, of being lost but most importantly being found; The Big Top Secret follows Briar as he is whisked away from the home he knows and plunged head first into the ranks of a traveling circus. The struggling circus, led by Hugo the Gorilla, is on its last leg and in desperate need of a boost. Frustrated with his brother, Bramble, and the rest of his forest friends, Briar finds a new and welcoming home among Wolfgang’s Big Top. Briar brings life back to the circus and quickly finds happiness in his new life…Continue reading

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