Wan Sheng Jie (Japanese Dub) Episode 2

Wan Sheng Jie (Japanese Dub)

Other Name: Wan Sheng Jie, All Saints Street, 1031 Wan Sheng Jie, Bansei Gai, 万圣街

Summary: In this world, angels, demons, and other supernatural beings peacefully coexist with humans. Neil Bowman is a demon who is unlike most; he is mesmerized with human culture, and no matter how hard he tries, he can’t do anything evil. Thus, he runs away from Hell and up to Earth.

Neil moves in with his online friend and vampire, Ira Blood, along with Ira’s many roommates. Despite coming to Earth to meet humans, Neil discovers that not a single one of his new roommates is actually human. Along with Ira, there’s Lynn Angel, the stern angel landlord; Lynn’s little sister,…Continue reading

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