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Mo Dao Zu Shi 3rd Season

Mo Dao Zu Shi 3rd Season N/A

Other Name: Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation 3, The Founder of Diabolism 3, 魔道祖师 3

Summary: Watch Mo Dao Zu Shi 3rd Season at KissAnime . Wen is rampant, and life is overwhelmed. The righteous scholars of the immortals of the rivers and lakes launched the "Shot of the Sun" and joined forces to defeat Wen`s. Although "Yiling ancestor" Wei Wuxian made great contributions in overthrowing the Wen family, he was jealous and entrapped by others because of his very Daoist and too strong cultivation, causing tens of thousands of people to scold him. Demise... Thirteen years later, Wei Wuxian was sacrificed, and once again met Gusu Lan Wangji, Yunmeng Jiang Cheng and other old people. The mystery of the past has not disappeared, and the suspicion of the world has risen again. And all these grudges and grudges must start from when they were young.


Mo Dao Zu Shi 3rd Season