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Jian Wangchao

Jian Wangchao 5.99

Other Name: Sword Dynasty, 剣王朝

Summary: In 770 BC, at the end of the Spring and Autumn Warring States period in China, "Qin" unified the six countries, and "Korean" was also swallowed, and the battle with "Zhao" had just ended. However, there were those who secretly gathered resistances from each country to prevent Qin's hegemony. They were planning to create and counter the swords that bring out the abilities of many chosen people. In the midst of such a war, a young man, Polite, spends his time in a peaceful village, but the village is burned down by the Qin army trying to wipe out the resistance. Although he had a grudge against Qin, he knew his powerlessness and decided to confront him, so he set out on a training journey.


Jian Wangchao