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AOTU Shijie 2

AOTU Shijie 2 N/A

Other Name: AOTU World 2, 凹凸世界 2

Summary: The God of Creation in AOTU World is a very arbitrary god. He created countless planets and people in the AOTU world, and ruled them as he pleased without any rules. He made some planets rich and beautiful, some planets barren and desolate, some people enjoyed freedom and happiness, and some others. The people bear heavy taxes and hard labor. The creation god set up seven envoys to carry out the will of God on their behalf. However, Chuangshi Shen does not completely deny his people the opportunity-if anyone wants to change their destiny and realize their wishes, then go to the "AOTU Contest"! Participants will receive the "special abilities" bestowed by the competition system and exercise their abilities to constantly break through and fight. As long as you can get the final victory in the AOTU contest, you can get everything and give you the power to rule the world on behalf of the gods just like the "Seven Gods". However, these are just appearances of hypocrisy.


AOTU Shijie 2