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A3! Season Spring & Summer (Dub)

A3! Season Spring & Summer (Dub) 7.08

Other Name: A3! Season Spring & Summer, Act! Addict! Actors! Season Spring & Summer, A3! SEASON SPRING & SUMMER

Summary: A3! Manaki Company owns the Mankai theater, but unfortunately due to debt, it is about to demolish the signboard. Tachibana Izumi girl because of the letter sent to her missing father on her way to the theater Mankai. At the same time, it was the debut performance of the boy Sakuma Sayuka. Will they be able to save the Mankai Theater? A3 is a new and interesting youth story, revolving around young characters who go through many difficulties to preserve their passion by restoring the glory of the Mankai theater. Not only revolving around the characters' passion for acting, the film also shows us many valuable things about people, about life, through watching the characters work together trying to fulfill their thirst. longing passionately standing under the spotlight.

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A3! Season Spring & Summer (Dub)